The Gentle Way of the Heart


Discover the Light Within

Anders Nilsson – Nordic Light Press- July 2014

In The Gentle Way of the Heart, Anders Nilsson presents a perspective on how to navigate life guided by the heart.

A Stanford research scientist, Nilsson’s work on water was recently featured on the cover of the pre-eminent international science magazine, Nature and covered by Scientific American. He has also been featured on the Science Channel’s “Through the Wormhole”.


Turning his mind to the spiritual, Nilsson believes that each of us has a spark of God deep within and a heart filled with Divine Light. The challenge is to stay connected to this source of vitality and transformation in the hurried and challenging circumstances of modern life.

Nilsson provides unique insights, exercises and meditations to launch you on a great spiritual adventure in Gentle Way of the Heart. The Gentle Way is a spiritual path for regaining a sense of who you are at a deep level. A scientist who has a deep conviction of the dance of spirit in the physical universe, Nilsson shows how to create a personally unique and fulfilling life when you live moment-by-moment without expectations or fear.

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