The World’s Most Haunted Hospitals

Richard Estep Small Richard Estep

Nurses, Doctors and Patients Tell Tales of Ghosts and Spirits

by Richard Estep — New Page Books, January 2016

In a dynamic vortex between life and death, a hospital is where people enter this world, and leave it. And, what tales a hospital could tell!

In The World’s Most Haunted Hospitals: True-Life Paranormal Encounters in Asylums, Hospitals, and Institutions, paramedic and paranormal investigator, Richard Estep, researches and recounts chilling stories of hospital hauntings around the world.

Fans of his previous books on hauntings and new readers will turn up the lights, lock the doors and sink into stories of:

  • Frightening apparitions at an old Utah hospital, now a nursing home, whose appearances predict patients’ deaths.
  • A former Kentucky sanatorium haunted by thousands of patients who died there, and some of the nurses who cared for them.
  • Terrifying screams and violent scenes that scare visitors away from an abandoned airbase hospital in the Philippines.
  • A nurse in grey who haunts the corridors of a London hospital and terrifies doctors and nurses who encounter her restless spirit.

The World’s Most Haunted Hospitals is a goosebump-producing ride around the globe, stopping at fascinating old and new hospitals and asylums where doctors, nurses, patients, and others can’t wait to tell of their real-life, alarming encounters with strange and scary specters.

An expert in ghosts, the paranormal, and emergency medicine, Estep is a popular convention speaker and media guest. He is the co-founder and Director of the Boulder County Paranormal Research Society, a major organization involved in investigating claims of haunted properties, people, and objects on both sides of the Atlantic.

“Estep never draws unjustified conclusions from his data––there is virtually no sensationalism, just honest reporting from an investigator who has a lifelong curiosity in the spiritual world. I emerged with a sense of what it would actually be like to partake in an investigation––the results seem very plausible to me.”

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