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  • Authors We’ve Worked With

    "...recommend him highly as an agent."

    Literary Agent

    "SIMON WARWICK-SMITH HAS assisted me on several book publishing projects - making contacts with publishers, consulting on marketing, handling contract negotiations. He has significantly improved my returns and benefits from publishers and I recommend him highly as an agent and/or consultant."

    — RALPH METZNER, Ph.D., Author of The Unfolding Self, Green Psychology, and The Well of Remembrance

    "...a wonderful team."

    Metaphysical Book Publishing

    STARRING IN TWENTY-FIVE motion pictures and winning more than two dozen professional wrestling titles, the world-famous athlete and performer, Roddy Piper, captured in his autobiography the heart and soul, and the blood and guts of more than thirty years in the ring. Warwick Associates promoted Roddy and his new book, In The Pit With Piper, by booking major TV and radio appearances and author events, nationwide.

    "AFTER SCREENING A HUNDRED literary agencies for me, (my associate) came up with Warwick Associates, operated by a wonderful team of people... Not only did they dive into the project headfirst with me, but they baby-sat me through the entire process. Eventually, Simon got me a deal with Penguin Putnam books to publish my work, and here I am 100,000 words later."

    — RODDY PIPER, Author of In the Pit with Piper

    "...recommend them highly."

    Metaphysical Book Publishing

    "SIMON AND HIS STAFF are professional, courteous and enthusiastic. They provide quick feedback on inquiries and demonstrate reliable follow-through. Often, I feel his team are a part of my own staff. I recommend them highly and without reservation."

    — WALTER SEMKIW, M.D., author of Astrology for Regular People

    "...paid off handsomely."

    self-help Book Publishing

    "WARWICK ASSOCIATES MANAGED my publishing operation, distribution, sales, fulfilment, publicity and events, so I could get on with practicing law. Being a published author in my field of specialization has paid off handsomely."

    — STEVE MACDONALD, MacDonald Beckman LLP, author of Landlord Tenant Solutions