Expert Witness

A leading authority on the business of publishing, Simon Warwick-Smith testifies on the legal aspects of the industry, providing expert witness services and publishing consulting in a wide number of areas.

As a literary agent, he has extensive experience evaluating and comparing literally thousands of literary works. A professional in the publishing industry for more than 30 years, his experience ranges from being a published author, to owning a bookstore, to producing sales, marketing and publicity strategies for hundreds of authors and publishers.

Simon has also held positions in corporations both in publishing and in book distribution. He also gives public and private presentations and chairs panels at industry conferences and meetings.

He has qualified in court as a literary expert witness. He is available to:

  • Make preliminary oral assessments and/or formal written reports
  • Assist in the preparation of cross-examination questions
  • Evaluate lost opportunities in writing and publishing
  • Analyze past income and project future income for authors and publishers
  • Evaluate breach of copyright claims

Simon has a wide general knowledge together with specialized experience in spirituality, religion, psychology and related subjects.

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  • "Warwick Associates played an enormous role in our case...

    Thank you for all your effort, it was a pleasure working with you." — Lisa T. (Paralegal)