For Publishers

In-depth knowledge of the publishing industry allows Warwick Associates to offer a wide range of consulting services for publishers.

General Consulting

In the area of general consulting Warwick Associates can advise on and assist with the successful launching of new publishing houses, introduce publishers to new areas of sales to increase revenues, and design publishing plans and marketing strategies to boost sales and profitability.

Prepublication Consulting

The timing and coordination of a new title’s production, marketing, and distribution is essential to its successful launch. We are experts in this area and have helped many publishers navigate through this potentially error-filled and costly phase of the publishing effort.


We have excellent contacts in the printing industry and are able to advise clients on low-cost printing options. We also have access to many talented designers who can create winning product designs for good value.


We have established relationships with all master U.S. distributors and know the workings of this aspect of the publishing industry from the inside out. Simon’s expertise in this area is invaluable to our clients seeking distribution, which is the key to retail sales. We can:

  • Assess your titles in preparation for distribution
  • Produce an individually tailored distribution plan
  • Assist with developing promotional materials
  • Present your titles to appropriate distributors
  • Negotiate the best possible contract
  • Represent you at distributors’ sales conferences
  • Coordinate and monitor distributors’ marketing activities for your titles to produce maximum sales

Contact our office to discuss your needs and how we might be able to help, or fill out our general response form.

  • Publishers We’ve Worked With

    "A thorough and competent launch..."

    publisher support

    "WARWICK ASSOCIATES threw themselves into the launch of The Little Book of Secrets. They suggested a 16-copy counter display and got it designed and manufactured. They produced a sell sheet: it was a winning combination of strong copy, good design and a great book. At least Barnes and Noble saw it that way and gave us cash register placement across all California.

    They kept at me relentlessly on my media presentation until we were all happy with the best possible angle. Finally they supported me on the road for a month as I toured most of the Barnes and Noble stores in California. A methodical, thorough and competent launch for which I am pleased to recommend their services."

    — CHRIS PRENTISS, Publisher of The Little Book of Secrets

    Building Book Sales

    ONE OF THE WORLD'S GREAT SPIRITUAL MASTERS, the teacher and author, Barry Long, has influenced spiritual seekers worldwide with his books and audios on the challenges of the human spirit. Warwick Associates is Barry Long Books' American sales and marketing office. We build book sales by managing the publisher's relationship with the master distributor; promoting all Barry Long titles and producing campaigns for new releases. We also handle fulfillment for all consumer sales.