The Andreasson Affair



The True Story of a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind

By Raymond E. Fowler
New Page Books – October, 2014

The Andreasson abduction has become probably the best documented case of its kind to date, the subject of an intensive 12-month investigation conducted for the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) that involved, among other things, the recording of large quantities of testimony given under hypnosis, extensive lie detector testing of witnesses, detailed analysis of corroborative circumstantial evidence, and exhaustive comparison with other such accounts.

The Andreasson Affair is authored by Raymond E. Fowler an international authority on UFO’s. He has appeared on numerous television shows including Good Morning America and has contributed reports to Congressional hearings, the military, and numerous publications.

Betty Andreasson Luca, the subject of the book, will be conducting interviews for this title together with her husband Bob Luca.

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