Quartztherapy: The Medicine of the Future

Klaire D. Roy

by Klaire D. Roy, in collaboration with Simhananda

Palm Publications, April 2017

After decades of research and study, at last Klaire D. Roy is revealing her exciting new approach to treating body and mind with quartz crystals.

Her easy-to-read, compelling new guide, Quartztherapy: The Medicine of the Future, is packed with beautiful color photos and complete instructions on how to enjoy and benefit from lithotherapy, the holistic set of techniques that uses crystals and stones for healing and personal transformation.

Focusing on the effects of crystals on the etheric body, the circulation of prana (life energy) and unblocking flow through the energy meridians, quartztherapy is truly the “medicine of the future.”

Roy’s unique and profound system of understanding and using crystals in no way rejects modern medical science, and, in fact, improves medical outcomes and comprises a bridge between the worlds of spirituality and traditional health care.

For example, the book illustrates how to cleanse, repair, recharge and balance the etheric body by employing specific crystals, and describes more than twenty-five kinds of quartz and the benefits of each, from celestial and citrine quartz to Diamond Light Wand, record keeper, laser, self-healed, time link, cathedral, phantom, and clear. Readers are guided and inspired to harness these treasures from Mother Earth to enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual lives.

As a nurse and an internationally renowned quartztherapist, Klaire Roy has seen the power of minerals, when properly utilized. She said, “The change that occurs during a quartztherapy treatment is visible to the naked eye. I see it every time someone rises from the treatment table and looks at me. They seem younger and free from distressing systems, with an incredibly fresh glow that illuminates their skin and sparkles in their eyes.”

The author collaborated throughout the book with Simhananda, her husband, an inspiring international speaker and author of books on spiritual wisdom. In Quartztherapy: The Medicine of the Future, they bring their renowned insight and long experience to the application of lithotherapy, as expressed in the book’s Table of Contents:

  • Perceiving the Etheric Body
  • Quartz, a Mine of Resources
  • Quarztherapy Demystified
  • The Secret Life of Quartz
  • Carved or Sculpted Quartz and Its Mysteries

About the Author, Klaire D. Roy

A popular conference speaker and quartztherapy trainer, Klaire D. Roy is the author of:

  • The Circle of Initiates Past and Present: A Brief Generic Biography and Critical Study of the Structure of Their Rays and Their Initiation Level
  • The Manual Of Lithotherapy, Discover The World Of Crystals and Stones

She is also the co-founder, with Simhananda, of the Medicine Buddha Mandala Institute of Montreal, and she is chief editor of La Pierre Chantante, a magazine devoted to health and wellness through stones and crystals. Some translated into several languages, her writings focus on self-awareness, meditation, the Soul and the spiritual path.

Roy is also the literary interpreter of Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul’s writings on Tantrism:

  • New Tantrism: Introductory Themes
  • Tantric Training In the Age of Ray 7
  • The New Tantrism

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